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How it works

Our mission is to let you transfer money abroad at the best possible rates. We use the mid market rate and our fees our low. You'll save as much as 80% in transfer costs in using us versus traditional banks. We'll aim to get as close to the real market rate as possible for you. Here's how it works.

Pay money inTo Start the Transaction

Send us your currency by debit card or bank transfer
Once we've taken payment your transaction is underway. You'll be kept updated as the transaction progresses via email. Log into your account to see where your money is at any time as well. We're regulated by the FCA giving you confidence that your money is in safe hands

We exchange the currency at fair rates

Tell us what currency you would like to exchange into and we do the rest
You'll have your money exchanged at a fair rate - we'll aim to get as close as possible to the real market rate. ExchangeFair is able to operate through the wholesale markets and so get a much better rate for you. All of the transaction is carried out safely and securely through encrypted data flows and algorithms

Transfer madeto your recipient

Your converted currency is now ready to be transferred out
Your converted currency will be paid into a bank account of your choosing. You'll just need to tell us the bank account details including recipient name and IBAN. We'll securely save all of these details so it's easier for you to repeat the payment in the future

How much can I save?

Banks often hide their charges in the exchange rate provided, regardless of whether they offer "0% commission"

These charges can be as high as 4-5% of the money you are sending via high street banks

ExchangeFair is able to operate through the wholesale markets. We are fully transparent on the rate provided as well as all upfront costs and we'll offer the very best rate we can to you

We are totally transparent on the rate provided and all costs upfront and offer the best rate we can to you

Let's see how much you could save...

From currency

Select the currency type you want to convert

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To currency

Select the currency type you want your money converted to

Real rate

We use the mid-market rate that we are able to source from the wholesale market

Step 2

Check us

This is where banks hide their 4-5% charges. They'll hide these charges in the rate they give you, in this case something like

How much?


How much are you sending?

Step 3

Our charge

You'll receive

We charge for the transaction (included already in above number)